The Garden Room

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Located on the west side of the mansion, this tranquil room offers two queen four-poster beds overlooking the harbor and garden area with a water pond. Surround yourself inside and outside with the warmth and comfort of nature any season of the year. This is the perfect room to sit by the fireplace to read or relax.

A private bath is attached to the room.

The Governor's Room

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Governor Benjamin Smith obviously enjoyed this room, and so will you. Adjoining the upstairs observatory and second-floor porch, this secluded room features a queen bed and unique antique furnishings. Enjoy pristine views of the waterways during the day or beautiful lavender sunsets in the evening from this very relaxing room.

A private bath is attached to the room.

Lady Brunswick's Room

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Our most spacious and romantic room, a four-poster queen bed will lull you to sleep, and the sunlight will gently awaken you. Relax on the Victorian loveseat or curl up with a book in an overstuffed chair. The charm of this room will definitely make you feel like you're stepping back in time.

A private bath is located across
the hall from the room.